Your San Diego Sales Team

Our Selling Formula

HD Video Tours

w/ aerial drone video to spark the emotions of buyers

3D Interior Walkthroughs

walk through the home without leaving your computer.

>Marketing Overview:

The way we approach our listings is different; it is what separates us within our industry. San Diego home sellers are selling a valuable asset and commodity that deserves premier attention. Our approach with sellers, their homes, and our listings consists of three equal parts:  Communication, Technology, & old-fashioned Hard Work.

  • Communication:  It is our first priority to be sure that you are kept in the loop as much or as often as you’d like to be.  Our custom communication software and plan ensure that you are always current on the state of your property’s marketing, showings, offers, and escrow.
  • Technology:  No team offers the marketing tools and products offered to you at the Silk Group. We are at the cutting edge of Digital Media Marketing, Print Advertising, Social Media, Drone Aerial Footage, SEO, Signage, and more.
  • Hard Work:  We may have fancy computers and are quick to pick up the phone, but where we really shine is our work ethic. We’re not here to get you to sign the listing contract and disappear. From day one to closing day, your goals are our priority.

Our Listings Also Include:

what you expect and much more.

Professional Photography

Plain and Simple: great photos sell properties faster and for more money. Our professional photographers are the best in the country, and where they really shine is in the post-processing. You and the buyer of your home will see the difference! Be sure to ask about our sunset photo shoots.

Custom Listing Websites

All media and info for your listing can be easily found at your custom domain,  Here, potential buyers will find a custom webpage auto-optimized for both mobile and desktop computers.  All relevant info, pricing, photos, videos, floorplan, files, and info will be displayed in an elegant format. This web domain is included in the MLS, front-yard signage, property cards, Youtube Video Description, and all marketing materials. All potential buyers will have easy access to all professional media and information for your listing.

Aerial Drone Photos & Video

Using our 4-blade drone helicopter, we are able to capture both photos and video from every possible angle (up to 1,000 feet in the air).  Your property and neighborhood has never looked so good, as from the air!

Custom Floorplan Media

One of our most-appreciated listing tools for the buyers of our listings is that our media time creates floor plans for our listings.  These floor plans are available to view and download on the Listing Webpage.  No longer do buyer’s have to guess where the master bedroom is relative to the kitchen.  A very attractive feature that will bring buyers to your door.

Custom Property Cards

Full-sized flyers end up in trash cans. Glossy business cards with your property’s info and pictures wind up in pockets and wallets. They are retained and looked at later.  Your listing website is prominently displayed.

Featured Status on our Website

Our 10,000 users per month will see your home first when they log onto our website.

Local MLS Featured

Of course, your home’s listing will be included on the local MLS for all brokers, agents, and their buyers to see.

Featured Home on Zillow, Trulia, etc

Your home will be featured on all the major Real Estate websites including Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, etc.

Email and Snail Mail Marketing

Your home will be marketed directly to our Our 7,000 buyer database of emails and home addresses.

Print & Electronic Advertising Contracts

We spend tens thousands of dollars per year to ensure that our listings stay at the forefront of print and electronic media. Especially for our high-dollar listings, there are magazines and periodicals that may speak directly to the pool of buyers who would be interested in your house.

Open Houses | Door Knocking | Cold Calling | Broker Caravans

Open Houses, door-knocking, broker caravans, and cold-calling continue to remain essential to great marketing. This traditional style of marketing still has value today, and we at the Quinn Myers Team are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get old-school to get your property sold.

ReMax Marketing Exposure

Your home’s listing is included in ReMax’s international and domestic footprint reaching millions of buyers across the world.

Buyer and Broker Feedback Logging

Every buyer, broker, and agent that views your home will give our team feedback regarding condition, pricing, staging, etc. We will log this information and continue to share that feedback with you to help your future decisions with pricing and negotiation.

Community and traffic-suitable signage

We custom-design all signage for your property to help maximize exposure, while staying within the requirements and rules of your community.

Concierge Service

For out of town clients/sellers, we have you covered with local moving, storage, electricians, plumbers, security, etc to help make sure the sale of your home goes smoothly. Even if you don’t live in the zip code!

“Go Our Separate Ways” Guarantee

Our commitment is to your satisfaction and success. If at any time you feel as though we are acting outside of our commitment, you can opt out of your contract. We’ve never had this happen; but it’s there for you just in case.