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What is a Homestead Property? | San Diego Real Estate

homestead example

For many homeowners in San Diego and California wrestle with the question of whether or not to homestead their property. But first, what is it? What does it mean to homestead? You can declare a homestead only on your owner…

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Why Title Insurance? | San Diego

title insurance photo

This is a question that sellers and buyers alike ask themselves when they dive into a Real Estate transaction. Most Buyers and Sellers in San Diego have a lot on their minds, and typically title insurance is not one of…

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Power of Attorney Info | San Diego Real Estate

power of attorney Quinn Myers

When it comes to a Power of Attorney as it relates to your Real Estate buy or sell in San Diego, just any old Power of Attorney is not sufficient to buy, sell or convey title to real property. Just…

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Power of Attorney Form | San Diego

The accepted form to use to set up a Power of Attorney:  Power of Attorney Setup PDF learn more about Power of Attorney in San Diego Real Estate here. From the California Probate Code Section 4401

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What is a Triple Net Lease? | San Diego

A Triple Net, Net-Net-Net, or NNN Lease is a lease agreement on a property where the tenant (lessee, person leasing the property) contractually agrees to pay all: 1) Real Estate Taxes 2) Building Insurance 3) Maintenance The tenant agrees to…

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