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How We Became Real Estate Experts


An article (click link here) was posted recently at that I encourage you to read. It describes the Real Estate environment 20 years ago. This was a time where Real Estate Agents held all the information (the keys), and the…

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Listing Price Range? What is that?

Price Ranges in San Diego Real Estate are becoming more and more common. My buyer and seller clients often come across properties that they are interested in that have something my clients don’t expect in the listing info and from-seller…

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12 Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods: San Diego

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San Diego Magazine Brings us the TOP 12 Up-And Coming Neighborhoods in San Diego link to article here-> 1. LIBERTY STATION 2. DEL SUR 3. SAN ELIJO HILLS 4. TALMADGE 5. BARRIO LOGAN 6. EL CAJON CORRIDOR 7. OAK PARK 8.…

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5 Questions About a Home’s Solar


When it comes to the listings we represent and the homes our BUYER clients are interested in, our questions regarding a solar installation on a home do not change.  As a buyer or a seller, here’s what’s important to find…

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National Lowest Inventory Drop: SAN DIEGO


San Diego ranks as the worst inventory drop for for-sale-homes in the nation between January 2015 and January 2016. Last January there were 8,051 homes for sale in the county. This past January there were 5,617 homes for sale in…

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