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How We Became Real Estate Experts


An article (click link here) was posted recently at that I encourage you to read. It describes the Real Estate environment 20 years ago. This was a time where Real Estate Agents held all the information (the keys), and the consumer (buyers and sellers of homes) were relegated to only the information they could gather from their trusted agents. Now, sites like Zillow/Redfin/Trulia offer consumers much better access to information that makes all buyers and sellers more knowledgeable and able to make better decisions.  Trusted agents still hold a very important role, but information bottlenecks are much fewer and the Real Estate Market can operate much more efficiently. This benefits all.

Some quotes I enjoyed from this article:

  1.  Owning a home has always been an American preoccupation, but the internet turned looking at homes into entertainment.
  2. There is something about seeing the inside of a house, no matter what it looks like, that is so satisfying it must be hardwired into our lizard brains. Houses aren’t a metaphor; they are manifest. When you see inside of one, you are seeing not only the owner’s income, but her sophistication, her ambition, her taste–and comparing all of that with your own, an irresistible mix of solipsism and curiosity.
  3. Our fascination with shelter has grown alongside our anxieties about affording that shelter.